Juliusz Strachota

Release date - 27.12.2022

With everyone gaining insight into their past incarnations, the identity that enslaves humanity will disappear. We will bring a whole new order. Black will be white. A man will be a woman. The child will be an old man.

Jacek – a former software tester, jeans retailer and art dealer – discovers that he can contact his previous incarnation thanks to Tibetan meditation. He decides to monetise this skill. However, he soon finds out that he is not the only one who wants to turn reincarnation into a business. After all, the stages of spiritual training can be rewritten into algorithms, resulting in a new technology that enables contact with previous selves. Travelling between Warsaw, Walbrzych, Dharamsala, Otwock and New York, Jacek is seeking traces of the woman he used to be in his past life. However, he realises that he is losing access to his current life. However, he realises that meanwhile, he is losing access to his current life.



Release date - 24.11.2022

Parawany is a journalistic portrait of one of the most vivid holiday phenomenons to be found on the Polish coast. Is this canvas and stick construction-making a colourful essential or just an absurd habit? For korbusje, the windbreakers are a mass one-day residential development, the architecture of a large sandpit that creates odd urbanism fluttering in the wind. Let’s step into their midst and see what emotions they can evoke as they fill the album space

Na żywo z lombardu

Marek Wolski

Release date - 01.09.2021

Do not expect TV-like stories No bland characters, bad dialogues or gaudy colours. Na żywo z lombardu is a collection of short stories (genre: literary reportage) where all basic human problems, matters, and aspirations meet in one place. Poverty coexists with happiness, love with crime, decency with addiction, and madness with humour. Poverty coexists with happiness, love with crime, decency with addiction, and madness with humour. He does not judge, he is a rather attentive witness empowering the protagonists to speak out. The reader is shown the world full of difficult choices, and complex characters who are likeable even if they are being vulgar, aggressive or dishonest. For adult readers only.


Piotr Fiedler

Release date - 11.01.2021

Czułość is a scandalous novel for adults and young adults. Full of sex, drugs and unusual life vicissitudes. For all the ripe and coarse language, it is a poignant love story. With its brisk narrative, the story reflects an emotional condition of a modern-day forty-year old man, and portrays present-day Warsaw. The author used to work as a photo shoot producer and guest selector for the fanciest night clubs in Warsaw. His credible description of the celebrity world becomes a bitter judgment on the whole circle. The book twinkles with vividness and comedy. Dazzles with absurd comparisons and finest dialogues. The main character, a poet with a drinking problem, lives his mundane life marked by trouble and romance. Then (unrequited) love comes upon him and rocks the foundations of the status quo.