I dropped it

An independent publishing house established in 2020 on the initiative of Wojtek Sokół, and directed to street culture lovers. Its main goal is to promote unique literature that was long waiting for the right place to do it justice in the Polish publishing market. The main selection criterion is a distinctive writing style.
We believe that books should be both interesting and original to stand out. The idea of pleasure reading is near and dear to us, that’s why our publications are aesthetical as well as functional (see: pocket edition). The offer ranges from fiction to collector’s albums.

The name “Wydałem”  ( en. I dropped it) is a pun as “Wydałem” in Polish means both “I published (e.g a book)” and “I spent the money”.

With no shame

The founder of Wydałem is Wojtek Sokol – a rapper, songwriter and publisher, but also a businessman. He’s the co-owner and artistic director of Prosto Label and Prosto Wear, an Extra Ball agency’s partner and a computer game developer –True Games shareholder. He has received numerous awards for his artistic and business work. Wydałem is the result of combining these two worlds: a great passion for storytelling and the ability to take a business view on a project.