Images speak louder than words

Wydałem's very first photography book release and a few words from the publisher himself

Parawany by Korbusje is the first, but most certainly not the last photography book brought by Wydałem. This journalistic portrait of one of the most vivid holiday phenomenons to be found on the Polish coast takes us back to hot days and the sounds of the Baltic Sea. The publisher himself also commented on Parawany and how photography books in general fit into Wydałem’s idea:

“I’ve been collecting visual books for many years. About design, photography, drawing, painting, architecture, objects, people, eccentricities – all of that. I’ve always had an affinity with visual communication and I often find myself thinking in images, like a primitive person. Or maybe it’s just a higher level of consciousness where words aren’t enough or they would form too long sentences and one image just says it all? I don’t know. I know that images can be interpreted more freely than words which are quite precise. I have always wanted to contribute to this visual ‘album culture’ and now I proudly place the first photography book published by Wydałem in your hands. Korbusje – Parawany. Images speak louder than words.” – Wojtek Sokol