Buddaland – book

With everyone gaining insight into their past incarnations, the identity that enslaves humanity will disappear. We will bring a whole new order. Black will be white. A man will be a woman. The child will be an old man.

Jacek – previously a software tester and a former jeans and art dealer – discovers that he can contact his previous incarnation thanks to Tibetan meditation. He decides to monetise this skill. However, he soon finds out that he is not the only one who wants to turn reincarnation into a business. After all, the stages of spiritual training can be rewritten into algorithms, resulting in a new technology that enables contact with previous incarnations. Travelling between Warsaw, Walbrzych, Dharamsala, Otwock and New York, Jacek is seeking traces of the woman he used to be in a previous life. However, he realises that meanwhile, he is losing access to his current life.

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ISBN 978-83-966733-0-5


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About the Author

Juliusz Strachota - the writer of, amongst others, the novels "Relaks amerykański" and "Turysta polski w ZSRR". For the latter, he was nominated for the Nike Literary Award. He hosted the "Co ćpać po odwyku" podcast with Jakub Żulczyk.