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Czułość is a scandalous novel for adults and young adults. Full of sex, drugs and unusual life vicissitudes. For all the ripe and coarse language, it is a poignant love story. With its brisk narrative, the story reflects an emotional condition of a modern-day forty-year old man, and portrays present-day Warsaw. The author used to work as a photo shoot producer and guest selector for the fanciest night clubs in Warsaw. His credible description of the celebrity world becomes a bitter judgment on the whole circle. The book twinkles with vividness and comedy. Dazzles with absurd comparisons and finest dialogues. The main character, a poet with a drinking problem, lives his mundane life marked by trouble and romance. Then (unrequited) love comes upon him and rocks the foundations of the status quo. E-book available in EPUB and MOBI formats.

ISBN 978-83-957520-4-9


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About the Author

Piotr Fiedler - a poet and story-teller. Czułość is his debut novel. He published for such magazines as: Twórczość, Chimera, Malemen, Playboy, Elle Man, and Vice. Author of a poetry book Pod moim oknem gryzą się jeże. Bon vivant and libertine. Carpenter by education. In the summertime, a gondolier in the Royal Łazienki Park, a DJ in the Glass Hunters band in the evenings. He used to be a bar-back and guest selector for Warsaw night clubs. He worked as creative director for a clothing brand, photo shoot and fashion show producer, and a TV host. Fiedler in his own words - “I am 40 years old, that’s it. I deal with belles-lettres in a nasty way, and there are way more other vices of mine.