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The more anti-smoking captions and pictures fill up the space of a cigarette packet, the more often I quit smoking. It’s not about the message of heart disease, impotence, and painful death, but about the aesthetics: I can’t stand the lack of respect for graphic design. After all, such a circle on Lucky Strikes is a masterpiece. Or the camel of Camels, the dancer on a pack of Gitanes, the whole Marlboro lettering.

Papierosy is a story that feeds on fire. Episodes, snapshots, and traces of memory carefully pieced together form a personal story, filtered through mass imagination, emigration, and historical breakthroughs. This book, written for over a dozen years – only in periods when the Author was quitting smoking – tells a story straight back from the brink. It brings testimonies of many personal defeats, but one belief too – in freedom, which is like breathing.

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About the Author

Writer, journalist, and cultural animator In the 80s he worked as an editor in the uncensored periodical "Bez Dekretu" and the Parisian monthly "Kontakt", in the editorial offices of "Playboy" and "Max", and as editor-in-chief of "Przekrój". He has published the novels "Confessions of a Beautiful Dog Club Owner" (2009), "Suffocation" (2017), and "The Island and the Other People" (2020). In 2020, he was awarded the Krakow City of Literature UNESCO Prize.