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Windbreakers is a journalistic portrait of one of the most vivid holiday phenomenons to be found on the Polish coast. Is this canvas and stick construction-making a colourful essential or just an absurd habit? For korbusje, the windbreakers are a mass one-day residential development, the architecture of a large sandpit that creates odd urbanism fluttering in the wind. Let’s step into their midst and see what emotions they can evoke as they fill the album space.

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COVER Hardcover
FORMAT 25 x 25
LANGUAGE Polish / English
ISBN 978-83-957520-9-4


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About the Author

korbusje [born jakub jakobiszyn; 1990s] – an artist, photographer, filmmaker, wrocław-based. his works have been displayed all over the world, including the united states, united kingdom, and germany. in 2019 his first photo book this was released by an american publishing house. dislikes capital letters, hangs out in cafes all too long, a heavy coffee drinker. makes music videos, video art, and photo shoots.